Braj Ratna Vandna Shree

India is God's Paradise in the Universe. It is the Spiritual Soil with very many Saints, Sages, Rishis, Munis and devotees. It is the chosen land where milk and honey flow throughout the year. It has the richest Culture, Customs and Practices. It has attracted every Nation because of its Depth Spirituality. The whole land is sanctified with The Only Eternal Word "Om" ("Om Nama Sivaya", "Jai Bole Naath", "Jai Shri Krishna", “Kannailal Ki Jai”, Jai, Jai Ho Lal Ki”, "Radhe Radhe", "Ram Ram Sahab", "Jai Jai Mahadev", " Jai Veer Hanuman", "Jai Bajrangvali Ki", etc).

People here chant the Gayatri Mantras at dawn and dusk to sanctify the whole cosmos. The medicinal plants and herbs are filled in this soil abundantly to heal every sort of sickness. It is the well known land for Yoga and Trade. It has the richest Democratic Constitution on Earth with Unity in Diversity. People here live with Fraternity, Charity, Spirituality and solidarity. It is filled with Holy Places from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanniyakumari. There are also very many Holy Rivers flow in it and sanctify people from their sins. One of the most important Holy Place is Brindavan City(The Birth Place of Lord Krishna) which has twin cities of Goberdham and Mathura. People generally call these cities as Lord Krishna's favourite Places.

By the Grace of Divinity, Mrs. Meera Chandel and Mr. Rahunath Singh were blessed by a wonderful daughter on 17th Nov.1979, at the Holy Place of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh in North India. Her Parents were very great devotees of Lord Krishna. They named the child as Vandna which means "Prayer or Chant or Welcome the Divine." They were looking after this God-Given-Gifted Child throughout the clock to have a holistic formation as she would be something extra ordinary later on. They worked very hard in order to look after her to grow more and more in Divine wisdom and knowledge.

She was given a special attention and they took her to the Lord Krishna Temple everyday to chant psalms and Bhajans. The angelic child showed much interest in accompanying her parents to the Temple and partook actively in singing and dancing. As she was blossoming, the musical notes of Lord Krishna attracted her and she got immersed in that thought.

As Vandna grew up , her pious Parents admitted her in a school nearby whereby she could undergo a sensible formation. She too showed much interest in studies, Music, Dance and Singing. Whenever there used to be any competition, she partook and won the hearts of the audience, judges and the management through her musical singing and rhythmic dance by taking away the first prize always. Her Teachers motivated her much and enabled to bring out the hidden treasure in her. She was imbibed with very many talents and potentialities. In fact her Parents animated her to dig out the talents hidden in her.

At School Conducting Assembly Prayers, School Choirs, Teaching dance and Singing to her classmates became her habit and she did them smilingly and patiently without any irritation. Her charming face, humility to accept anything, multi faceted qualities and helping nature attracted everyone towards her. She became the lover of Indian Culture, Customs and Practices. She began to compose many psalms, songs and Bhajans on the spot in the name of Lord Krishna. She requested her parents to stitch a set of Lord Krishna’s Dress for her and buy the required costumes for the same to participate in the Fancy Dress Competition. When she was with the Full make up, all in one voice said that the Lord Krishna of Brindavan was present amidst them. As the days ran through, she fell in love with Lord Krishna and began to chant only His Praises. She saw very many Heavenly Visions and was being observed by it.

After the completion of her School Studies, she stepped into her College Studies. Science was her favourite subject. So, she went for Science group and successfully completed her M.Sc. with distinction. She shone in every field. Now it was her thirst to go for B.Ed. degree as she was intending to become a good ‘Guru’ to teach many poor students in the society. But day by day her inner thirst to know about Lord Krishna who is her lover, hero and the true living God increased more and more.

She began to reveal and discuss it with her parents. Her pious parents left her free to take her own decision. She prayed much to Lord Krishna to illumine her to take the right decision at the right time. She successfully passed out her B.Ed. Exams and so many opportunities were in front of her as she was a brilliant student and hard working person with multi task. But she considered all these as dust and longed for Divine Unification. She aspired to be the Radha in the Garden of Brindavan to dance with Lord Krishna in His Divinely Music. That thought grew much and was eating up her actively.

Because of the above thought she joined the National Music Sahitya Academy to quench her thirst on music and dance to acquire the degree of NIPUN. It was a great achievement in her life. She accomplished everything successfully that was her wish with the manifold grace of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna empowered her and attracted her more and more to dedicate herself for a new mission which He had for her. He planned to raise her up from the dust to the International Level. She too was not very clear about her ways as she was still at chaos. Yet, she leapt herself in the hands of Lord Krishna and uttered, "In to your hands I comment my spirit, and do what you like to do through me." I am ever ready to be at your service than the world. And, thus she sanctified herself before Lord Krishna and began her visionary life.

She began to think about Bhakti Marga and began to worship Lord Krishna in a different style. All her prayers were accepted by Lord Krishna and he showered a big boom for her. She came to be realized by her neighbour and the nearby villagers. Her concept was very vivid and transparent.

In the beginning she struggled a lot, but she never gave up hope in Him. So, Lord Krishna appeared in her dream and promised her to bless her new venture and make it prosperous and successful from one end to the other end of the world. This encouraging words of Him, enriched her and she began to search out the like-minded people in the society to assist her to achieve her ambition.

In fact, this was her life’s turning point to become the authentic devotee of Lord Krishna. Wherever she went she found only Lord Krishna (Krishnamaya). Whatever she did, she found only Lord Krishna (Krishna-ekta-vid). Her thirst for Lord Krishna increased day by day. It is to say that her life of journey proceeded with Lord Krishna alone.

Finding her authenticity love for Him, He came down to be with her to bless every need of hers in order to support her at this initial stage. Now, it was the best opportunity for her to hold the hands of Lord Krishna so tightly, so that He won’t abandon her. She succeeded in it and with unique unification with Him and she got manifold blessings from Him. In fact, it is the meeting point or gulfing bridge between Divinity with Humanity.

"When a man takes a step towards God, God takes thousand steps ahead to bless man" is our traditional belief. It is very true in Vandana’s life. Now after receiving the Heavenly Bliss of Lord Krishna, people began to call her as “Shri Vandna Shree”. Many dancers and musicians began to contact her and she began to realize that it was the miraculous work of Lord Krishna.

And thus she invited them all, initially worked very hard throughout the clock to form a Team for public performance. Lord Krishna's Devotees from every nook and corner contacted her and invited her to perform the programmes for them. She conquered the hearts and minds of the audience wherever she conducted the performances. The men of the Soil echoed everywhere "Jai Shri Krishna".

Instead of wishing each other with Good Morning and Namaste, now everyone began to wish each other as "Jai Shri Krishna." The name of Lord Krishna's name is now in everyone's tongue after attending her programmes. Her way of enacting the Lord Krishna's Leela(Play) attracted almost every students and now a days we can find that there is no cultural programme performed without Lord Krishna's Psalms, singing or dancing, fancy dress, etc in any of the Educational Institutions.

When we analyze her life closely, she is filled with much achievements, merits and awards. The following proof shows that how much brilliant and enthusiastic is she in doing everything as per the Inspiration derived from Lord Krishna. She is always found immersed in singing and dancing on Lord Krishna's Leela.

It is the great need of the time for Shri Vandna Shree to perform her public show whereby Lord Krishna Himself is present. Because it was the covenant made between Lord Krishna and Shri Vandna Shree. Wherever she performed, people experienced it and their inner thirst to search for Him increased day by day. She had performed more than 50,000 successful performances and won very many National Awards.

Shri Vandna Shree was the first person to land at Seoul, South Korea with the fabulous Programme on Lord Krishna from Indian Soil. Practically, she conquered everyone’s heart and they admired at her as if the Heavenly Person present on the earth. The Cultural Wing and International Cultural Academy for Promoting Inter-Culture had awarded her for the excellent and gigantic Performance at Seoul in South Korea.

When She landed with her troop of Musicians and dancers in China and performed her program there, she got the award of “For Friendship With Foreign Country” by the China President Honourable Bhag.

When she landed in the land of Kangaroo Australia, she was welcomed by the Inter-Culture Department. A fabulous programme was performed by her and she got the "Best Performer Award" by the Cultural Ministry of Integrated Culture Department.

A demand for her performance in Canada was there. She cordially accepted their invitation and visited Canada with her team to perform the best programme there and won the hearts of everyone. Many of the American living Indians witnessed the programme and awarded her with the "Wonderful Performer Award".

It is the world of electronic media whereby the whole world is at the tip of our fingers. As we are journeying in the Ultra-Altar-Modernized world whereby electronic media is dominating the human mind, she too has switched on to this field in order to bring every human being to Lord Krishna. She is ever ready with Shri Krishna Leela, Shri Krishna Katha, Shri Krishna Hirthan, Nani Bai Ka Mayra, Braj Holi Utsav, etc. You can find her in the Website in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube as vandnashreeji.

Her Performance fascinated everyone as well as enabled all the spectators to come close to Lord Krishna to experience Him very personally. Do you want to be exempted in knowing Him, Loving Him and much more than that getting Heavenly boon on us and on Our Families ? Never, lest we may be condemned by Him.

So, contact her Programming Manager at the earliest to conduct programme in your villages and towns to obtain the Heavenly Blessings from the above. The first come, the first you will be booked or else you will be at queue till you will be getting your number . The whole world is in your finger tips.

Then, why do you delay. Kindly, pick up your mobile and dial 81077 77123. Mr. Deepak Ji will attend your call to fulfil your inner spiritual thirst. Lord Krishna is at your door steps knocking. Whether you will welcome Him by opening the door or keeping the door shut by not opening it. Drown and drench yourself with His Manifold Blessings.

Whosoever may be present in her performance, he/she can't just keep quite by watching her programmes. She involves the whole audience or the spectator to be involved with her during her SINGING/ SHRI KRISHNA LEELA / KATHA.

Her Performance way of is really marvelous and inspires everyone to feel the situation then to understand Lord Krishna better. He who comes in close contact with her she feels immensely happy to take them to Lord Krishna and spiritualize them. And the audience too get the Blessings from above and leave the auditorium happily filled by the Blessings of Lord Krishna.

Braj Kishore Ki Diwani and Our Mother Land's Fabulous Artist Vandna Shree has Trained more than 25,000 boys & girls throughout the Inheritable India in singing and dancing the psalm of Lord Krishna out of her own expenditure as well as aided by various Government Dept. without expecting any remuneration from anyone. This shows her pure heart and entire dedication in serving Lord Krishna and Our Nation.

Vandna Shree